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We use ultrasonic technology, 12000 times per minute high-intensity frequency, effectively breaking down the stubborn plaque tartar (calculus), reducing the damage to the enamel and gum, which may be caused by manual dental tools.

It is USB rechargeable, safe and fast. Charging once can be used about 200 times, travel without worrying about power loss.

More flexible And Safer For Use: 5 Adjustable frequency to remove stubborn plaque, tartar (calculus), and teeth stains. Automatic outage after fully charged, auto-protective and energy saving.

Using Only The Safest Materials: Food-grade silicone/PC/ABS/304 stainless steel head, IPX6 level waterproof security system and rechargeable, ensuring security and convenience.

Portable Design: Oraly Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner™ is convenient due to having the dental care at home, removing the attachment on teeth in time. The low-cost solution in comparison to the dentist and ideal to keep it handy in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel.

Our product has been tested, is FDA approved and has had a vast amount of positive feedback from our customers. Our cleaner is recommended for ages of 14 years old and up. The device will not harm your tooth enamel or gums.

Our cleaner can be used with all of the above! However, we do recommend that you consult your dentist if you have a unique situation. Please ensure that you see our recommended usage.

Look very closely at your teeth. Find the visible stains and any tiny debris left over from flossing. Use a dental mirror to see the backs of your teeth.

Place the tip of the scaler against your tooth at the gumline. Slide the scaler away from the gum line and note any roughness along the surface of the tooth. This will be when the scaler catches on the surface — this could mean you have tartar.

Continue to use this method for scraping every tooth with plaque and tartar buildup. Each tooth your scraped should have a smooth feel to it.

We recommend that you use this with light pressure on a weekly basis. We recommend that you do not apply significant amounts of pressure and scrape your teeth hard. We recommend that you find a cold water source and use this to spray or wet your teeth before using. Please note, this is not an instant solution, and should be used on a weekly basis to slowly remove tartar, stains and keep plaque away.

After use, please clean this with anti bacterial soap and store in a dry place, preferably in a draw to avoid condensation keeping the product dry. This will ensure the product doesn't rust.

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